BART’s Future Washington Metro-Style

This is a map I composed my Senior Year in high school, cleaned up and updated for posting on here. It details the potential future configuration of rapid transit in the Bay Area, including running Caltrain as a rapid transit service with an integrated fare structure. The graphic style invokes the classic Washington Metro map, where uniformity takes precedence over geographical accuracy and scale. A metro map, after all, is intended to help you get around the metro system, not drive around the area. I hope you will find this map as enjoyable to view as it was for me to create.


About Karl Tingwald

Civil engineering student at the University of Southern California with a severe transportation compulsion.

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  1. I WISH this was the plan. Nice map.

  2. An SF resident myself I only wish we had the system in place, but unfortunately neither the city nor BART is pushing for expansion in areas that desperately need mass transit.

    Question: is the Geary line supposed to have a station at Montgomery and the TTC? Given their close proximity I don’t think it makes sense. If another BART tube is built it should also carry HSR from SF to Oakland and points north and south versus the misguided approach along the peninsula.

  3. A few more musings…

    It’s unfortunate that the JLS station cannot be better integrated in the downtown Oakland line, but the costs would be too high to connect the waterfront with 12th St. (even something similar to the shuttle between Grand Central and Times Square). However, given the proposed development plan for Alameda perhaps careful consideration should be given to adding a station on the island between JLS and SF.

  4. Speaking of development…the mega Park Merced plan on the west side of the city could benefit from a joint SFSU-Park Merced station that’s closer to the southern end of the campus which would give plenty of room for a station at Stonestown/Ocean Ave. to the north. When I lived in Arlington, VA having the Pentagon City station at the mall was great for shoppers and it promoted a lot of transit-based development in the surrounding area. 19th Ave. by the mall could use some height increases and density.

  5. I just noticed on your map that an important station is missing on Geary at Arguello. This station would bridge an almost 1.8-mile gap between Masonic and Presidio. Plus, it would more closely serve the Laurel Heights/Inner Richmond neighborhoods.

  6. That’s quite an extensive map. It looks very similar to Sydney’s CityRail network (Sydney happens to be San Francisco’s sister city. Coincidence? Most likely yes).

  7. Related to Shelley Winters

    Late answer, but excellent map.

    It looks so similar to Sydney’s CityRail network (coincidentally, Sydney is San Francisco’s sister city).

    So, with the exception of the Caltrain/Red Line, all the other lines would be broad gauge?

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