A True Rapid Transit Plan for San Francisco

Considering the huge amount of time it took me to create this map, I only have a few words to go with it:

The main ideas on this map are:

1. Geary/19th Avenue BART Line including a Second Transbay Tube

2. Folsom/Van Ness BART Line also connecting to the Second Transbay Tube

3. Replacing the N-Judah Muni Metro line between 19th Avenue and the Market Street Subway with tunneled LRT

4. Los Angeles-style busways on San Francisco freeways, including mid-freeway stops as noted

5. A north-south LRT line in the Sunset

6. A bus terminal and transit hub for the Golden Gate Bridge at Van Ness and Geary

7. Extension of the F-Market and E-Embarcadero lines to the Palace of Fine Arts

8. Extension of the T-Third Street line to North Beach and Fisherman’s Wharf

9. Infill stations at 30th/Mission and Oakdale


About Karl Tingwald

Civil engineering student at the University of Southern California with a severe transportation compulsion.

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  1. Thanks so much for your site. I’ve enjoyed reading it. I’d love to see a post like this regarding LA. What would an ideal, but not over the top, system look like for LA?

  2. Yet another great article and I agree with most of your transit improvement ideas. As a public transit user in SF my only issue is the alignment of the N-Judah underground section. I like the idea of running it the length of Haight St. from Market to GGPark with stations at Fillmore, Divis and the heart of Haight-Ashbury before swinging south to UCSF and beyond. However, rather than follow Judah to the ocean, I think it makes more sense to run along Irving in the Inner Sunset area with a station at the busy corner of 9th/Irving. 10th/Judah is too quiet and several blocks from the popular commercial corridor. Along Irving, I’d keep the line below the surface until it becomes more residential around 26th Ave., swing south on Sunset to Judah and end where it does today.

  3. Although Fillmore and Divis are roughly a 3rd of a mile apart the Lower Haight is very congested and a station would relieve pressure on the 22-Fillmore bus line.

  4. Someone needs to send this map over to James Fang, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, and the new mayor of SF (whoever that might be). Here’s the goal for your next term in office, now make it happen!

  5. Related to Shelley Winters

    At some point in the future, would it ever be possible to completely sequestre the stree-running areas of the Muni light rail away from cars and buses (which otherwise, would get in the way of the trains and slow them down)?

    It would go a long way towards making the Muni more Stadtbahn-like.

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