The Beginning

A transportation blog is something I’ve wanted to do for years now. From drawing fantasy BART maps in kindergarten to pouring over ridership data for Measure R projects, I have always loved and followed transportation. On the title-Wilshire/Vermont is the center of Los Angeles from the perspective of hundreds of thousands of transit riders. I often find myself scurrying out of the Red Line station hurring to catch a 720 or 754, two of LACMTA’s busiest bus routes. This intersection also epitomizes the contradictions and fallacies in Los Angeles’ urban form. Wilshire and Vermont are hugged by a Shell gas station, the Wilshire State Bank high rise, a vacant lot and the Wilshire/Vermont Subway station and Transit Oriented Development. There is something magical about that corner.

Here on Wilshire/Vermont, I plan to write three to four full articles each week, following and commenting on news in transportation, with a heavy emphasis on transit and rail projects. Thank you for reading. I will have my first full article up tonight on the recent community meeting regarding the Westside Subway Extension project here in Los Angeles.


About Karl Tingwald

Civil engineering student at the University of Southern California with a severe transportation compulsion.

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